Q: How much soap is used per cycle?

A: About 0.1 FlOz/2ml of soap gets used per cycle (Factory Setting).

Q: How much water is used per cycle?

A: About 710ml/3 Cups (on average) of water is used per cycle (Factory Setting).

Q: Scrubzone installation requirements?

A: Scrubzone requires a dedicated 110V(USA)/220V(RSA) power source , pressurized water (450kpa-600kpa) and dedicated drainage outlet.

Q: What are the main benefits of a Scrubzone machine?

A: Scrubzone gives the user an effective wash and dry every time, reducing the risk of spreading infections, and saves water and time when compared to traditional hand washing, all while ensuring basic hygiene.

Q: Is it safe?

A: We are CE approved.

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: Scrubzone recommends daily cleaning of the exterior, especially around the Wash Chamber. Annual maintenance is specified in the Scrubzone Maintenance Agreement.

Q: Can any soap be used in the machine?

A: No. Scrubzone recommends only using Scrubzone approved soap with the correct ingredients and viscosity. The use of unapproved soap solutions will void the warranty of the Scrubzone Hand Wash Machine.

Q: How often do I need to replace the soap?

A: On average, a Scrubzone machine can produce 1,800 cycles per 1 Gl -  2500 cycles per 5l soap container. Soap replacement intervals will vary and will depend specifically on the volume of washes per client.

Q: How do I order a Scrubzone unit?

A: Contact a Scrubzone representative here. He or she will then schedule a location assessment; discuss the number of units needed, and place an order for them. Installation is included with every unit.

Q: How does Scrubzone compare to hand sanitizer?

A: Scrubzone provides a 72% cost saving per annum compared to hand sanitizer. (Independent scrubzone study)

Q: How long does it take?

A: Scrubzone washes and dries the user's hands in15 seconds. (on average)